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Imber Redux Festa

In a world where the rain mainly falls in between certain months, the people of Mirateia have come up with many ways of celebrating the return of the rainy season. in the Empire of Dercia one of the smaller ones is the Imber Redux Festa, mainly celebrated by The Nilid People, originally it was done in another way but after they moved to the Dercian Empire, over time it got influenced by the people surrounding them and some of the Dercian gods also became incorporated into the celebration.


Ahead of the celebration, people send out handwritten invitations to every household in a given settlement and some might also be sent to friends further away, inviting them to come.   When the celebration starts, the elders offer prayers to the gods, thanking them for the rain and praying for a long season, the residents of the settlement contribute to a communal water reserve meant to symbolise them giving up the rest of their water reserves in preparation for the fresh rain soon to come.   As the sky darkens, the people will engage in a collective rain dance that is accompanied by rhythmic drumming and these dances slowly expand soon the entire settlement is partaking in the rain dances that involve intricate footwork and rhythmic body movements, performed in unison by participants. These dances are often symbolic, reflecting the cycle of seasons and the desire for the arrival of the rainy period. Despite the serious intent behind the dances, there's an air of celebration during these rituals. Villagers wear vibrant attire, and the dances often culminate in feasting and communal activities, fostering a sense of togetherness and anticipation for the rains.   when a natural break in the dancing appears, its time for the food to be brought out as families have contributed with dishes prepared from food that has been preserved alongside crops that can grow during the dry season.

Components and tools

The handwritten invitations that are send out before the celebration starts are delicately inscribed on water-resistant parchment.


While there are no set date for when the Imber Redux Festa takes place, over the years it might start a week earlier than the year before or it might start later, and some areas might not see rain for years.
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