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Illumination's Lament

Illumination's Lament is a condition that can be characterized by sudden, and unpredictable moments where the victims experience heightened sensory perception that is then followed by periods of sensory deprivation.   If a person is hit with¬†Illumination's Lament, they will then experience a rush of overwhelming flood of sensations, these sensations can range from anything from vivid colours to heightened sounds, and enhanced tastes and some might get awareness of their surroundings. the victims might perceive the faintest scents or feel an intense rush of emotions, which results in their senses being overwhelmed with stimuli.   However, after this surge of sensory perception, those affected by Illumination's Lament are going to plunge into an extended phase of sensory deprivation. They will experience a feeling of being enveloped in a world of muted colours, dulled sounds, and diminished sensations. This phase of the condition could last for days, weeks, or even months, and will leave individuals in a state of sensory numbness and isolation.   This condition remains mysterious and unpredictable, striking individuals across different walks of life without warning. Scholars and healers within the empire tirelessly seek a cure or method to manage its effects, but as of yet, Illumination's Lament remains an enigmatic and often isolating aspect of life for those afflicted. While no cure as such exists for the overwhelming amount of sensory impressions that the victims will experience, there exists a potion that can help making the aftereffects more manageable, this potion are created by using plants that for a normal person would give a feeling similar to the first phase of¬†Illumination's Lament, when given to those affected, will bring their sensory levels up to a level that resembles that of a unaffected person.   While the condition remains mysterious, in one way the condition is somewhat predictable, as it only seems to hit the Crienia¬†people and some scholars have theorised that the condition is a result of the fact that the Crienia people are the result of a human of elvish tribe mixing.
Extremely Rare


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Dec 7, 2023 16:33 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Gosh, this would be absolutely terrifying. I am glad that there is a potion to mitigate the effects somewhat.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 3, 2024 21:37 by Lady Wynter

This is terrifying and interesting. I'm curious about how it is transmitted and how it is started.

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