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Howling Statue

The Howling statue is a statue of what is assumed to be a local ruler, the statues were found off the coast in the sea between the Empire of Dercia and the Principality of Clifia, it was found among a large amount of other valuable objects.   Its believed that the statue is resembling one of the local rulers who were the first in the Region of Dercia to submit to the Ancient Empire and a theory for its unusual material is that it was a gift to the ruler for submitting without a fight.   What has made the Howling statue stand out and is the source for its unique name is that the statue at certain times of the year normally beginning of the month of Jeha, will begin howling in intervals of up to 10 minutes, typically at dusk or dawn.   Scholars of the empire have for years tried to find out why it howls, at first it was believed that it was simply the wind finding its way in and out of the statue but this was soon ruled out and mages were also unable to find any curses or any magic related elements in or on the statue.    


The statue is constructed in some unknown metal, the metal is believed to be some metal originating from the Ancient Empire and have since been forgotten.    The statue is also relatively small, only 20x15cm tall but it's heavy coming in at around 5kg.


The story around the Howling Statue is considered a local story, outside the province, where the statue is located it's relatively unknown.     Metal ingots of some sort of unknown metal have been found in other places in Mirateia but so far it has not been tested in any way if the metals are related.

Cover image: Bronze statue of the Roman Emperor Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD); found in the Aegean sea. by Gary Todd from Xinzheng, China


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