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Eliose Redstream

Captain Eliose Redstream

Eliose Redstream was born in the small fishing village of Kashan as the only daughter of unknown parents.    When she was 18, she enlisted into the House of Cartwright Merchant Guild merchant fleet and combined with her having a natural talent for sailing and the guild having a lack of captains as most of them was transferred to the privateer fleet of the guild since the nation was engulfed in the The war of Western expansion. Eliose served in the merchant fleet for another 5 years until she was transferred to the privateer fleet.    Her first mission as a privateer ended in almost a complete disaster when the ship got attacked while she and a part of the crew were on land gathering supplies and intel, she managed to capture a small boat and make the way to one of the guilds outposts, where after a short period of recuperation she was back on the sea with an even greater determination of revenge.    At the age of only 24, she was given the command of 2 smaller ships and set out with the ambition of making a name for herself and getting revenge for the defeat of her first military command. She decided that the best way to get revenge was to attack a small Clifian naval base, the attack was a crushing success and she not only managed to capture the base's entire supply of food, she also managed to capture the chest with the entire bases gold.   When she returned from the attack on the base, the rumors that someone or something had struck the base had already spread far and wide and when she sailed into the harbour with her 2 ships full of loot, she was celebrated and when the news reached the capital she was granted a knighthood.   Eliose Redstream continued to serve as a privateer during the rest of the war and would end up as one of the captains who scored the highest amount of prize money and the sight of her signature flag could make entire convoys surrender. The Clifian navy would put a bounty on anyone who could capture her and they would spend significant resources on the hunt but she would always manage to slip out of their hands.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Has an athletic build. She has an oval, typical face.

Mental characteristics


She received a basic education but when she enlisted in the merchant fleet she got the attention of her captain who gave her some further education to better prepare her for when she was ready for her own command.


  • Age 18: enlisted in the merchant fleet
  • Age 23: transferred to the privateer fleet of the merchant guild. 
  • Age 38: transferred back to the merchant fleet
  • Age: 43: retired from active service and as a reward for her long service was given the post as head of one of the merchant guilds' larger offices. 



She rarely spoke, only when asked directly.
1087 IC 1162 IC 75 years old
Raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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