Diary of Ira Astalles

The Diary of Ira Astalles is the diary written by Crown Princess Ira, a thing she had picked up from her mother Amelessa Ruxmer only a few months before Ira left for her impromptu adventure with her bodyguard and close friend the imperial guard Azran.   Ira would from time to time set down and write in the book when she felt like something important had happened or something worth remembering.


Ira wrote this entry down so that she, later on, could retell her adventure.

Document Structure


Normally an entry in the book will be around one page to one and a half. These entries will contain Ira´s thoughts about the day or couple of days depending on when the last entry was made.

Publication Status

The diary is private, although Azran does know if its existence but its at the current date only Ira knows about what's written inside.
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date


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