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Buan is a village in the southern part of the Empire of Dercia. Its inhabitants have a familial bond and the races that call Buan their home get along well.   The village has a small local harbour big enough for 2 fishing boats on the coast of the local lake where the villagers fish and trade with the surrounding villagers from time to time.   The village is known as a neutral ground for the local area where people go for settlements in cases of conflict as a means to avoid an escalation of the conflict, this has over the years grown into a yearly event where people from the surrounding area come to the village, sets up tents and then a week of negotiations will commence and due to the increase of people, merchants will be drawn to the village and as well as other entertainers so over the years it have turned into a celebration as well.


Most of the population are humans, but there are a good number of elven families as well, with the elves mainly belonging to The Nilid People.


The village elder leads the town, an elected title and the elder is typically selected for life or replaced for reasons.


Buan is defended by a small militia consisting of only a handful of people, typically the hunters of the village.

Industry & Trade

Its a fishing village with some surrounding fields for crops or farm animals.   The village is mostly self¬†sufficient, the only things thats are being imported is equipment for the blacksmiths or textiles for the villagers to make finer clothes out of.


The village has one of the best weapon blacksmiths in the region.


The houses are made out of wood that are build in the traditional style of the area with some painted decorations made by the resident elves


Small hills that lead down to a rather large lake

Natural Resources

Fish Iron mines nearby
Founding Date
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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