Minecraftia David searches for the Altar of Knowledge
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David searches for the Altar of Knowledge

Discovery, Exploration


Feeling unsatisfied with being told that he had accomplished his mission by Emily and not remembering any of it, David is informed by Alex about a structure that possesses limitless knowledge. David decides to head for it in hopes of being able to reclaim his lost memories.

David continued to be tormented by dissatisfaction as he felt he had yet to achieve his purpose, yet was told by his friends that he had done so. Two weeks later, he decided he had to search for his master, and find out everything that had happened from him. And so, with Donald and his wolf, David embarked on his next journey in search for the Altar of Knowledge, a structure he had learned from the village elder, Alex, that was said to give those who found it access to any kind of knowledge.   While traveling, David came to see a familiar face in Lisra, of whom he was alarmed to see having befriended an enderdragon named Draco. Lisra offered her services to be the guide for him to find the Altar of Knowledge. He accepted and the two joined their group, bringing them along as she headed for the Altar. The two ended up falling for each other, and nearly finalized their romance with a kiss, but David backed out, still too focused on trying to get back his missing memories and unwilling to have a romantic relationship. David also learned from Lisra various things regarding enderdragons, such as them recognizing their own status as boss monsters and their love of battling against powerful warriors.   David and co entered an underground ancient city that was guarded by sculks. As they passed through, they triggered the sculks enough for a warden to appear. Knowing that this would be a deadly foe to contend with, they opted to sneak past it, however Donald was caught and David tried to fight the warden off, but wasn't strong enough to face the monster, causing the team to be forced to flee while the dragon distracted it. The second time, they attempted to get past the warden by building a bridge across the biome, which was a success until David was knocked off by a flying bat, forcing him to be separated from the group as he snuck through the structure. and David found and entered the chamber that held the Altar of Knowledge.   It was here that he witnessed and experienced the full story of what had happened when he and Emily had traveled through time, and he learned of his romance with her that they had experienced throughout their journey, as well as his master acknowledging him as his true successor, his time spent traveling the world with Steve, his struggles against Lucian and his enforcers, and his confrontation with Malrus and the Nulls. He witnessed himself dying in Emily's arms. He also learned that his master had discarded his physical form and resumed being the Patron of Minecraftia upon David's success. He then reexperienced the End Poem being told to him by Searhia and Constros.   Now, with the full story, he had realized Emily's grief and was compelled to go back home to see her. Believing his love for Emily to be more genuine, he knew that he and Lisra could no longer be romantic together, and the two wished each other well and went their separate ways. Once he and Donald arrived back at Stonewall Village, he greeted Emily with a kiss, Emily being truly happy once finding out he came back with memories of them. David held on to what the two godlike beings had told him during the End Poem and strove to move past his previous trauma to become a better person.

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