Minecraftia David learns of tension between humans and the Piglin
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David learns of tension between humans and the Piglin

Diplomatic action


David is hired by the Queen of Diamond Kingdom to go into the Nether and prevent the Piglin from declaring war against the Overworld.

David learned of an impending war between the Overworld and the Nether and took it upon himself to stop it. He returned to the Diamond Kingdom and managed to gain an audience with the Queen when he revealed himself as the son of Prince Joseph. He promised the Queen and the council he would bring an end to the war if they allowed him. While the council disapproved, the Queen put her trust into her grandson, and gave him all the information he needed to negotiate with the leader of the Piglin, as well as permission to enter the Nether, as long as he didn't get caught. And so, David went into the Nether, determined to prevent more deaths as he snuck through Piglin bastions.   He went on to investigate the structures of the Nether before he was eventually captured by the piglins and taken to one of their bastions and tossed into a jail cell. It was then that he came face to face with Satasha once again, who had also been imprisoned along with her pirate gang during their search for treasure. It was then that they learned much about each other and their views. David and Satasha begrudgingly had to put their differences aside to work together in order to plot an escape. David used his unique ability to transform into a spider to fool a piglin guard into releasing him and then knocked them out in order to let Satasha free, who then freed her fellow pirates. The two then went their separate ways with unspoken mutual respect for each other.   David made it into the Master Fortress and snuck his way into the throne room of the Kingchief Poinkno. The Kingchief's royal guards rushed to attack him, but were halted by Poinkno, who allowed David to stand before him. He told David how he was aware of assassination plots against him, and he was surprised that the humans would send a child to do the deed. David told him he had no plans to kill him, but Poinkno refused to believe him. The Kingchief told him of all the mistakes the humans had made, especially when the first human that had entered the Nether had destroyed one of his bastions in their search for components to build a Wither. David realized there was no way he could talk the Kingchief out of this war, and so he knew the only option was to force his surrender. With his weapon in hand, he challenged the Kingchief to a duel.   Poinkno was a powerful foe who used his overwhelming power advantage over David to force him to be defensive, and David was defeated, until he used the Spirit of Hope to give him strength. He became faster and stronger and had enough pain tolerance to finally overcome the kingchief, only for it to be revealed that Kingchief Poinkno also wielded the ability to use the Spirit of Hope, and so David had to use his wits and skills to finally defeat the piglin leader. David, in a bid to win over the support of the piglin, spared Poinkno his life, and they began to negotiate. It was then that David had learned that Poinkno had gotten the wrong idea of humans when the man that he found out was Lucian had entered the Nether in search of wither skulls for when he would spawn the Wither had killed many piglins along the way. David told Poinkno how Lucian was an especially horrible person and did not represent humanity as a whole. Poinkno, having given respect towards David from their battle, decided that he would not declare war on humanity and would release all the humans that had been captured by his warriors, under the condition that humans do not enter the Nether under any circumstance. David promised he would send his terms to the queen of Diamond Kingdom and left the Nether to head towards the Queen's palace.   Hearing David's story of the pig people of the Nether and how their leader had planned to declare war on humans and how David had convinced him to be open to negotiations, the council worked to discuss as the Queen gave her thanks to David.

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