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Bounty Hunter Todd Sand Hardblaze (a.k.a. Todd Borou)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Is physically very muscular and well-trained. Tends to prefer using his fists to knock an opponent out in a brawl.

Facial Features

Has a split moustache.

Apparel & Accessories

Dons a brown cowboy hat(of course), along with a black vest, blue pants, brown boots, and occasionally a brown cloak.

Specialized Equipment

Wields two crossbows with plenty of tipped arrows to use in many situations. Also has an iron axe that he falls back to when he needs a melee weapon. Also carries a fishing rod on him for catching fleeing bounties.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The following article is largely unfinished, as it is currently a newly made one on a character that does not currently have a whole lot of story.   Todd was born in Taloruse Town, a desert town where he lived with his parents and brother until a raid by bandits ended with his family aside from him killed. With no family left, he was cast out of the village to be killed. Todd ended up surviving on his own in the wilderness and learned to be self-sufficient.   Eventually, when Todd reentered society at the age of sixteen, he came to work as a bounty hunter, and with his intimate knowledge of the landscape was able to capture any bounties that attempted to flee with ease.   Over the years, Todd became more and more ruthless and brutal on his jobs to the point that the authorities came to see him as a criminal, and a warrant for his arrest signaled the end of his career in the Grifter faction. And so Todd took his work to other parts of the world, working for shady clients that wanted their dealings kept secret. Todd gained an incredible reputation for getting the job done no matter the challenge, and he eventually caught the attention of the Queen of Diamond Kingdom, who hired him to find and capture a son of royalty named David. Todd accepted the job and set out, eventually coming across the sixteen year old boy, who attempted to escape from the bounty hunter, only to be captured and returned to the Queen. He was given a generous payment and left to continue on more jobs.   Around two decades later, he would return to his home of Taloruse, and be confronted by the new sheriff of the town. The two would have a duel, but Todd would be defeated and apprehended. He would end up serving the rest of his life in prison.




Worked in the bounty hunting business since he was sixteen, working primarily within the Grifter faction. He became a renegade bounty hunter in his later years, and as Grifter authorities began their attempts to capture him, he fled the faction and took his work to the rest of the factions, and soon built up a reputation of being one of the greatest hunters in all of Minecraftia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Captured David and managed to collect the bounty on him.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was eventually captured by the legendary sheriff of Taloruse Town, and forced to serve his sentence.

Morality & Philosophy

Has little compassion for human life and believes it's better to kill a bounty than to capture them unless the reward for them alive is good enough or otherwise requires the bounty alive.

Personality Characteristics


To be as rich as possible.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Due to having been able to avoid arrest by the authorities for much of his life, his ego is largely inflated as he believes he cannot be captured, which contributes towards his eventual capture.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves money more than anything else.


Keeps himself very well-groomed in appearance.


Social Aptitude

Has very strong self-confidence in his own abilities.


Often uses honeyed words to get what he wants out of whoever he is speaking with.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a horse named Sparrow.




Towards David




Towards Todd


Relationship Reasoning

Todd holds some respect towards David for choosing to brave the world on his own, bringing to memory his own past when he went through the same events as a child. As a result, he treats him slightly better than most bounties. David has next to no respect towards Todd for being someone that hunts and often kills his bounties, believing that human life should be preserved whenever possible.

Neutral Antagonist
Current Status
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ghost of the Desert
1285 1359
Chocolate brown
Medium brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
Take it from me, kid. There are only two kinds of people in this world: the foxes and the chickens. And when a fox has his eye on one, ain't no amount of clucking and running's going to save that chicken.
— Todd as he attempts to capture David
Funny, you remind me of myself when I was your age, kid. All by my lonesome, tryna fight back against a world that couldn't care less if I was dead.
— Todd after having caught David
New sheriff in town, eh? Well, we both know how this whole thing goes between our kinds, so get your weapon ready...
— Todd as he challenges the sheriff of Taloruse
Character Prototype
The bounty hunter Cad Bane from Star Wars was a large source of inspiration.

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