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Divine Titan

The Divine Titan is an entity with two sets of arms and streaks of gold across its body. It is the culmination of Princess Miranda's powers as the awakened Daughter of Notch. It stands at a tremendous height of 53 blocks. Princess Miranda, along with a second person alongside her, have their essences merged together and share their minds as one singular entity that is the Divine Titan. The effect is temporary as the two are returned to their original separate beings once the Divine Titan is no longer needed. The Divine Titan is used in the Battle of Giants, as well as in the battle against Null. Miranda initially merges with Richard in order to overcome the giants that rebelled against Notch, and the next time she uses it she merges with Travis.


A divine warrior capable of destroying any opponent that stands before it.

Side/Secondary Effects

Should Miranda lose control of the Divine Titan, it is capable of destroying the world in its rampage.


The area within a hundred blocks is lit up with a blinding golden light.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Related Organizations
Applied Restriction
The Divine Titan is a physically/mentally/spiritually exhausting ordeal for Miranda and is only utilized in cases where there is no other option.

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