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Federated Theian Preservers

The Federated Theian Preservers are an interstellar government organised as an irenic bureaucracy. Its capital is the desert world of Theia, located in the Titawin System, where the lithoid Theians evolved. The population of the Federated Theian Preservers are notable for their materialistic approach to the universe and application of pacifistic principles. The government of the Preservers is a complex, oligarchic bureaucracy that selects a Coordinator to act as its head every two decades. Although the society of the Preservers is strongly meritocratic, its politics are dominated by the mining guilds that provide both food and construction materials to its lithoid inhabitants. The Preservers value scientific discoveries above all else, and have denounced war as a tool of foreign policy. They also share a special relationship with the United Nations of Earth, who they share a common ancestry with.
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