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Energy Credits

Energy credits (also known as EC or credits) are the standard currency of the galaxy. Although usually traded in virtual form, they are backed by stored stockpiles of energy. Energy credits were proposed as a common currency independently during many first contact scenarios, and evidence points to them being used in the distant past as well.

Conventional fiat or metal-based currencies face significant hurdles when it comes to adoption by alien societies. Different evolutionary developments can cause differing prioritisations of metals, and the trust required to accept fiat currency can take decades to curate. In some cases, an alien society may not utilise traditional currency at all. The Kilik Cooperative uses direct exchange or "time vouchers" in lieu of currency. The innate value of stored energy is self-evident to spacefaring societies, and provides a universal backing for a currency.

Energy credits are a direct representation of stored energy. Energy can be generated through many means, including solar, nuclear, antimatter, tidal, wind, and geothermal. Excess energy produced is stored in immense battery farms, and physically transported via cargo ship if needed. In many cases, energy is directly discharged from batteries into planetary power grids.


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