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Cybernetics is a field involving the integration of biological and mechanical elements. It typically refers to the process of surgically implanting augmentations within a biological being for the purpose of enhancing that being in some way. An individual that has been enhanced by cybernetics in such a way is called a cyborg. The galactic leaders in the field of cybernetics are the Voor Technocracy and the Basidrix Cyber Ecclesia, who both developed cybernetic enhancements before achieving FTL capability. Small-scale cybernetics are common throughout the galaxy, especially as habitability enhancements for individuals living on planets unsuited to them. According to Plugged In!, a premier technology reporter in UNE space, the top three most popular cybernetic enhancements as of 2356 CE are water recyclers, air-filtration systems, and augmented immune systems.

Procedures to install cybernetics are performed at medical facilities, and most only take a few hours to complete the grafting process. After completion, it takes a few days (exact time depending on species and individual) for the cybernetics to fully 'take' with the organic body. In rare cases, the body will reject the augmentations, requiring a second surgery to remedy. The cybernetics themselves are controlled by a neural implant in the brain, which converts the signals used by cybernetics to brain waves, and vice versa. Neural implants can also allow a cyborg to mentally access remote networks, quite literally turning their brain into a computer. This is most often represented by overlaying a standard computer GUI into the cyborg's vision, but rarely other senses are used as well.

Advanced Cybernetics

Aside from simple small-scale cybernetics, significantly more invasive procedures exist to truly turn an individual into a cyborg. The standard cybernetics package of such a procedure grants an individual improved strength, immune systems, respiratory systems, and an average of a forty-year life expectancy increase. Additional augments are often added with the standard package, such as computer-assisted memory or computing systems, modifications for specific climates, or even weaponry integrated inside artificial limbs. While most augments are invasive and require surgery to apply, universal plug-and-play augments have been developed to allow for the easy swapping of less-invasive systems.

Cybernetic Society

Integrated cybernetic implants see use across the galaxy, but full cybernetic suites are uncommon. However, in some societies, they have become the norm. Both the Voor Technocracy and Basidrix Cyber Ecclesia developed cybernetic implants well before developing faster-than-light travel, but both have taken radically different approaches to their views on cybernetics. The Voor Technocracy mandates cybernetic suites for all citizens, providing them free of charge at government-run clinics. However, Voor cybernetic systems include extensive monitoring and surveillance systems operated by government security forces. Despite a lack of privacy from government surveillance, the Voor view the advantages afforded by their cybernetics extremely positively.

The Basidrix Cyber Ecclesia took a different view on cybernetics during their development. The Basidrix view cybernetic body augmentation as a form of worship, viewing the process of fusing flesh and metal through a spiritual lens. Ritualistic implants are commonplace, and full cybernetic suites are mandatory. The religion of the Cyber Ecclesia, the United Creeds, is an interdenominational fusion of the four main creeds that dominated Basidrix society during their early interstellar expansion period. The Basidrix view towards cybernetics is not shared with other religious groups in the galaxy, who universally decry full cybernetic augmentation as a mutilation of the flesh.


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