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Midrast Wain

Current age: 896 AA (After Ancients), 43rd Fertilan

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We are the Night Hawks and we shall reclaim the lost birthright that was stolen from us! Join me, and together we shall build our nests on the toppled towers of Air dragons kingdom. For the Gryphonkind's glory!
Falth the first Ember wielder's rallying speech


War of the Ember

Fragile peace has been shattered as Gryphons, the race of secluded tradition-keepers, discovered a new source of power and with it came aspirations to retake their former homelands away from Dragons. Ambushed and under siege, Air dragons found themselves with no allies willing to help them. Advisor Yriinth Tonitruum, a Noble dragoness sent by her queen has to lead draconic troops against these Ember wielders, and push them back before they become unstoppable.    

Welcome to the world of Midrast Wain

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  • As long as you credit me, you are free to create characters inspired by this world's canon. Also note that I commissioned all the artwork you see displayed here. If you wish to use them, you'll have to ask me for permission first.
  • I greatly appreciate any OCs or fanart. If you have one, feel free to contact me and I will add it to the Fan creations section.
Note that many things are still subject to changes and lot more topics are under construction. I welcome any and all comments or questions! If you wish to contact me directly or just hang out and discuss lore, click on this link for Discord or email me at: [email protected]

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Midrast Wain

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