Unknown Horizons: Setting Introduction

A golden era at the dawn of a global existential war...

Year 2180 PD
Year 40 ADS — After Desolation of Sinria'Un.

The Fourth Boundry is Broken.  

A Future Era

Unknown Horizon is a near-future of Mésvéstell that is very likely to be solidified. It is an era of war, strife and grief. But also an era of compassion, courage, and alliances. It will bring out the best and worst in people and due to the actions of a few, the lives of billions will be affected.  

Technological golden age

This is an era of technological advancement and great innovation. Feats people did not think possible a mere few decades prior have become a tangible reality. Artificial Intelligences, Artificial Soldiers, Biomechanical Augmentations, Holographic Communication, Magi-Technology and so much more.  

The Primordial Elementals

This is an era where the Dhatro will step into the spotlight once again; showcasing their incredible might to inspire and induce fear into the hearts of mortals. Some will be on the front lines, while others will assist on the home front, either openly or behind curtains.  

The Great Defense

The destruction of a metropolis and the death of nearly 20 million people: That was how the first Desolation of this Cycle began, as an extraplanar explosion ripped a hole in the fabric of reality, allowing an unfathomable invasion force of death incarnate to enter Mésvéstell.
The war against the Eärann Horde united all intelligent beings in Mésvéstell against a common foe. At least officially. To counteract this invasion force, the Great Defense Initiative was enacted. The single most significant operation in human history in terms of manpower and resources.  

The Defense Border

The Defense Border was constructed first. Most call it a wall, but that is not the case. It is instead composed of several hundred heavy fortified Defense Outposts that are in near-constant conflict with the Eärann Horde. Sadly, they are in a retreating operation and many Outposts now lie abandoned in the so-called Desolated Wasteland.  

Defense Territory

Defense Territory is where the Outer and Inner Defense Outposts are located and the land that stretches out between them. This is where smaller battles against the forces of the Eärann Horde takes place, something that has given it the name The Outer Battlefield. However, on the whole, it primarily acts as a gigantic reinforcement base, which is why some call it Reinforcement Land.  

The Enigmas

Enigmas are an anomalous off-shoot of Witches that showed up a few years after the Desolation of Sinria'Un. They do not showcase the usual magical capabilities of Witches though, and instead, the majority produces variations of forcefields that have certain knacks for themselves, such as enhancing abilities or telekinetic ones.  

The Augmented

Augmentations have become nearly standardized in this era, and generally, one out of three individuals is augmented in one form or another. Some showcase these augmentations openly, while others go to great lengths to conceal them: the reason might depend on their profession. The discernability of augmentations and their prevalence also depends on their nature, whether it is a technological augmentation or a biological one. Though it is not unheard of that individuals have had both these types of augmentation, and these are called Hybrid Augs, and they are slowly becoming more common.  

Tech Augs — Augmented

The so-called Tech Augs are usually called Augmented in civilian terms and are considered to be the most common variant. Most of these individuals are military or security, or workers that deal with heavy — and sometimes dangerous — work activities, such as the construction of infrastructure.
The majority of the Tech Augs showcase their augmentations openly, though there does exist quite a few that can be concealed very well.  

Bio Augs — Enhanced

The Bio Augs are mostly called Enhanced — both by civilians and military personnel — and can be very hard to separate from the ordinary individual since they most of the time do not show any visual signs of being augmented.   Biological Augmentations are preferred by Magicians and Alfar, as their connection to magic interfere negatively with the more technological augmentations, sometimes with deadly consequences. The biological ones seem to go around this problem, however, allowing Magicians to get — in many people's eyes — yet another unfair advantage.   Bio Augs can have strengthened bones that are harder to break and enhanced muscle fibers, as well as greater stamina and maybe even a form of mild healing regeneration. There have been rumors of Enhanced individuals who have had their eyes augmented to become biological binoculars that can zoom in on small or far-off distance details: their eyes are in these instances become slightly yellow thanks to the internal process.  

The Mega Corporations

Behind the carefully adorned curtains of peace and prosperity, mega-corporations thirst for power. They have become huge political and military players that wage covert wars on each other, as well as the occasional skirmish with the various nations.  

The big players

A handful of these Mega-Corporations have risen to such heights that they could essentially be considered nations in their own right, considering all the assets that they have acquired and the manpower they employ. Most of them started in a single field — maybe cybersecurity or medical science — but now deals in more than fifty.

Rozman Enterprise

The most feared and respected private Mega Corporation in the current era — in terms of political, financial, and militaristic power — is Rozman Enterprise LLC. It mainly concerns itself with the technological field, such as augmentation, robotic units, and advanced weaponry.   Its assets rival those of small nations and many agree that there exist places — whole cities even — on various nations that the Mega Corporations own and rumored to even rule over with an iron fist, something that many state powers have tried to hinder.   It has become the forefront corporation and organization in the Great Defense Initiative and has focused most of its assets on its success, no matter the cause. But one would not lie if one said that Rozman Enterprise is now fighting a war on three fronts.   Espionage, assassination, and covert armored skirmishes are constant sources of irritation, as nations and other corporations try to take the power it wields. It doesn't become easier in the fact that a portion of their most valuable war assets has gone rogue and has — over the course of a few years — founded two semi-opposed societies that both want to end the corporation.  

RushLight Corp

RushLight Corp is another major private Mega-Corporations. It has set its focus primarily on robotic software, as well as weapon manufacturing and global infrastructure. Many would consider it the biggest main player in regards to cybersecurity and interconnected mobile hardware.   It has enough competent assets to make Rozman Enterprise wary of them, though, at the moment, they have entered a cold truce, as they both are members of the Great Defense Initiative. But that doesn't really stop the two corporations to exchange blows with one another.   Rush Corp fights too on several fronts, as even a tiny portion of its most valuable war assets have gone rogue against the business system. And it would appear that their cyber banks have come under attack by an unknown assailant.  

The war assets

The Mega Corporations use many different kinds of assets in their covert corporate wars and state skirmishes. War assets that they have put a lot of money and time on, and which have come into fruition through the bloody sacrifices of the innocent and guilty alike.  

The Androartei

Rozman Enterprise's most valuable war assets is the technological marvel that is the Androartei — or SCIA Units as they are more commonly called in this era. The first types of Androartei were nothing more than abducted humans and vampires who had been forced to undergo major cybernetical enhancements and re-educational treatments. At the end of their recreational enhance process, they were more machine than anything else.   They have received heavy augmentations that are both biological and technological in nature. Their expensive construction process has made them few in numbers when everything comes around, but they make up for it a nearly hundredfold. One Androartei — no matter its sort — is considered to have the same worth as fifteen battle-experienced, augmented soldiers.   Rozman Enterprise has slowly walked away from the old creation process and has begun making the Androartei from the ground up themselves, in black ops facilities guarded more heavily than most national leaders residences.   Rozman Enterprise is the only corporation that is able to manufacture the Androartei and it is a secret they guard with everything they have. Assassination and political sacrifices are considered acceptable if their creation is kept secret and away from corporate and national adversaries.  

Covert Agents

RushLight Corp is one of the forefront corporations that use the so-called Covert Agents in covert corporate wars, state skirmishes, and espionage operations. These Agents are usually personally chosen by the corporate boards for their faithful service and are rewarded with quite a few social benefits.   Most served in the military or were employed in one of the many security services, before joining the security force of a corporation. Becoming an Agent is not a trivial matter. It is an expensive process and it comes with its sacrifices. Agents receive quite extensive augmentations, both of a biological and technological nature.   One very important thing that separates Agents from ordinary security members, at least for the RushLight Corp, is the so-called Corona Chip; nearly every other corporation have their own version. The Corona Chip is a bio-digital neural implant that allows them to access nearly any existing software.  
The Fourth Boundry is Healed.  
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Name of Setting, Full
Unknown Horizons.
Name of Setting, Short
Technological Theme
Era Name
Nilhmare Age.
Former Era
Prophet's Dynasty.
Future Era
Current Year
2180 PD / 40 ADS.
Era Length
1243 years.
Era Began
2140 PD / 0 ADS.
Era Ending
3383 PD / 1243 ADS.
Main Conflict
The Great Defense.
Rozman Enterprise LLC


Nearly every intelligent being on the planet has access to an invisible, interconnected network of information known as Cyberspace. It is generally accepted to have always existed in some form or another. A growing number of individuals have even gone so far as calling it its own Existential Plane, that can be accessed by anybody thanks to the wonders of cyber technology.


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