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Miand Setting Introduction

" The Fourth Boundry is Broken.  
Miand is a magnificent and ancient World. One of the wonderful and devastating Magical Artforms and Miracles that might as well be Curses in some instances. She has an intimate relationship with Mistress Death, as well as a turbulent one with Lord Life.
Since her Creation by the almighty Architect she has seen its fair share of cataclysms that have left both it and its inhabitants scared and weary.
Her three continents are dotted with the remnants of ancient and global civilizations, most of which hides treasures beyond one's imagination. But to get to them, one may need to interact with dangers that would give the most battle-hardened of warriors nightmares for years. Some are not even located on land but are either buried deep into the soil, beneath the dark currents of the ocean waves, or stranded on the esoteric Sky Islands.

Dangers and Protectors

The prementioned dangers are of various nature. Some are inanimate, others are mental. And then there are those that concern the living and the dead. The most feared are those in-between: Ghosts and the Nacht. And let us not forget about the Avshir: The scourge of mankind and the enemy of all that is living and breathing.
If it was not for the commendable actions of the Exalted Wardens the Avshir would surely have laid waste to all of Miand millennia ago. The Exalted Wardens are the holy warriors whose calling is the extermination of all Avshir, by any means necessary.


The Angelis & Great Divines

While the Exalted Wardens protect mankind from most physical external threats, it is guided and overseen by individuals who have perished and been remade into a greater iteration of themselves: The Angelis. Servants of the Great Divines, the latter of which were long long ago forbidden to touch the soil of Miand, as well as breath her air.
Some stand openly under Great Divines who are well-known and worshiped. Others work in the shadows both figurately and literally to manifest their master's will.



Mankind itself is the umbrella term for the two most numerous mortal races that inhabit Miand. Named after the most adaptable race of Humans — also known as Everyfolk. They have spread to each corner of Miand and have erected wonderful civilizations and devastating wars.


The Battlebred are their distant cousins. Altered into their current form by a Shard of Origin after having been made into living weapons of conquest by the Mountain Lords, they are in these times a reserved folk with a knack for blood magic.


Faunkind is a subgroup of Mankind. Many unfortunately consider them to be below Humans and even Battlebreds but things have begun to change. For the better or for the worse is still undetermined.


Lycans are considered to be the collected waste product of the Battlebred. Made from the same action that freed the Battlebred from their former slavers, the Lycans were shunned and hunted down for centuries. Only a rare few groups managed to keep themselves safe by being strong in number, and becoming nomads who traverses Miand. A proud and strong-willed folk.


The Sankine have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Small and petit they share the physical — and certain mental — characteristics with that of feline animals, particularly cats. Most of their numbers are enslaved under mankind, though most humans would prefer the word servants when speaking of the Sankine. Only a rare few of their members were — and are — considered to be truly free individuals.


Highkind are the name of the Immortal races. Those who have been around since the primal days of Miand and whose presence reached the sky. And who were greatly punished during the Sorrowing for their arrogance.

Sareas Elvinn

The highest standing of the Highkind are the Sareas Elvinn — most commonly known as Mountain Lords. They were the greatest and they fell the hardest. Tall both in presence and height, their power and age may make them seem like the closest to physical gods on Miand, barring the Angelis.

Vithre Gnomes

The proudful Vithre Gnomes — known as Plain Barrons to most common folk — are a folk of short stature. A highly curious folk and technologically gifted, they too came far to close to the sun and fell far. Their power and age make some worship the ground they walk upon, but fearing the wrath of the Daughter most try to stay out of the limelight.
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