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Magpie Hunter

A Great Honor

The title of Magpie Hunter is given to the cat who gets the closest to hunting and catching a magpie. Magpies are known for their quickness and their pesky ability to fly, as well as their generally hostile behavior towards cats. This makes them a hard target to hunt. Only the best hunters and warriors are able to even get close to catch one.

The title is known among all cats as a great honor. Stories are told about the magpie hunters, and kittens generally aspire to become one. While the title doesn't necessarily come with any set boons, the holder is respected for their hunting skills and considered a formidable warrior.

Gaining And Losing The Title

The moment a cat gets close to hunting a magpie, witnesses start discussing whether the hunter got closer to catching it than the current holder. If the hunter actually was closer, they are now the current holder of the title, and the word is spread through the ICB.

If there are no witnesses, the hunter may declare they are the new holder of the title, but the current holder might take slight offense to this.

If the current holder disagree to the claim, they are allowed to contest the decision. The magpie hunter is considered a great fighter, so the best way to prove their claim is to fight it out while at least one witness watches the battle. This is not an ordinary fight, however, as the purpose is to show off your speed in combat. Speed is vital to hunt those pesky flying nuisances, after all.

The title is lost if the current holder dies. If someone have gotten close to catch a magpie, but not as close as the now dead current holder, they will inherit the title. If no appropriate candidate exists, the title of magpie hunter is unclaimed. An unclaimed title of magpie hunter usually lasts less than a week, as all cats with any battle ambition at all will try to claim it.

Civic, Honorific
Source of Authority
ICB Battle Depawtment
Length of Term
Until someone else gets closer to catching a magpie, or death, whatever comes first
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