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b'Oub'gl'Oub der Bärtige

b'Oub'gl'Oub der Bärtige (a.k.a. Boub)

This is b'Oub'gl'Oub, a bubon ranger who usually roams the forests on the edges of Itzakia, hunting and gathering for his people. Now, however, he has ventured beyond the boundaries of his community for a mission - we'll see where that takes him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

he's got the dad bod

Body Features

he has the typical webbed frog feet and hands with four toes and fingers. his body is covered with warts and on his back is a crest of scales.

Facial Features

next to his handsome mustache sit two expressionless eyes and he's got a very present double chin

Physical quirks

due to the duties he was assigned in his homeland, there are all sorts of scars and old injuries on his weather-beaten skin.

Special abilities

he is able to do some basic water magic and to heal wounds

Apparel & Accessories

two leather belts across his chest, a horned shoulder plate and leather pants

Mental characteristics

Personal history

in his homeland he was quite a loner and therefore satisfied with his job as a ranger. he is honest and loyal to his people and is appreciated for his reliability by them. however, he has sporadic to no contact to his familiy.

Gender Identity



it seems to have fallen asleep a little


he learned to practice magic in his community


yeah... that's also a no - we don't do that around here

Accomplishments & Achievements

he has the trust of the tribal elder who sent him on a mission towards the desert.

Mental Trauma

he seems to carry some of that, but it takes him a lot of time to talk about that. you might think there's a reason he's a loner....

Intellectual Characteristics

he isn't the smartest lad, b'Oub cannot pride himself with intellect

Morality & Philosophy

b'oub is from a community of anarcho communists and he very much lives by the moral and philosophy connected to that


he's a little afraid of open waters and of course class betrayal

Personality Characteristics


his sense for community and loyalty. as soon as he feels called to do something, he stubbornly enforces it.

Likes & Dislikes

he likes carving, a good shared silence, being on his own and having a cause. he doesn't like too much attention, having to make decisions on his own, when people ask too many questions and talking about his feelings.

Virtues & Personality perks

solidarity is his highest commandment, which refers primarily to his people, but can also be extended to people with similar fate

Vices & Personality flaws

does not question much, not particularly ambitious


that's also a no, it would be bad for his sticky mucus


Contacts & Relations

he is in contact with an elder from his community, who is a little bit of a father figure to him.

Family Ties

they're very weak for some reason, but b'oub'gl'oub still cares very strongly for his family

Religious Views

he is spiritual, he believes in Hazo and that she will do the right thing (he will not question his believes or be able to defend them in depth)

Social Aptitude

uncommunicative, apathetic, but also very solidary (especially class solidary) and self-sacrificing

Hobbies & Pets

his hobby is woodcarving

Wealth & Financial state

that's a no

A lethargic bubonian with his mind on a mission

Character Location
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Chaotic Neutral
Current Residence
brown mustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Known Languages
bubonic, draconian, the language of halflings and the common language in methera

b'Oub'gl'Oub's jams



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