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Bollstet (BOLL-stett)

Bollstet is a medium sized city to the eastern border of Mamosya, in the province Littfall. It is governed by Margravine Kasathonia of Thornbout (Markgräfin Kasathonia zu Dornengang). It features a small temple to Urok in the Lightshade district and is otherwise largely inhabited by farmers. It belongs to one of the newer regions of Mamosya which were seized during its second expansion.


Almost 90% of population is human, with most other species being barely present. The overwhelming majority is at the age of 20 and under, and the numbers of people decline strongly, the higher the age is tallied.


The Thornbout family levies a tenth of the produce off their realm in order to support their estate and care for its subjects. Law enforcement is rather lax, especially regarding the emperors foreign policies.


This town has a rather small milita which normally function as town guards.

Industry & Trade

This town is mainly self sustenant from its agricultural produce and exports some of the food and alcohol to its surrounding towns.


The infrastructure of this settlement is simple but in good condition. It most prominently features a brewery.


Lightshade (Lichtblende)

The largest district featuring the more well maintained houses, the big marketplace with Urok's Fountain and his temple.
Notable venues include: The Hefty Bun, Kiah's General Goods, The Weave, Camisha's Vegetables, Hide & Grain, The Green Devil

Heather Orchard (Heidebitze)

This district mainly consists of residential areas, which bleed into farmland to the east.
Notable venues: Butcher Faure, Joy's Ranch

Ivy Barrow (Eppichbahre)

The district in which you will find the cheapest lodging, but also more dubious characters.
Notable venues: Bryon's Hides, Rat & Panther, The Laughing Angel, Fabys' Trapping, Foster's Anvil

Ghostwater (Geiswasser)

The more industrial part of town, where larger buildings house different producers.
Notable stores: Patti's Herbalism Hut, Quill & Book, The Trusty Bowyer, The Azure Wheel, The Amber Gauntlet, Nimble Raven Beer

Guilds and Factions

The farmer's union is in close exchange with the margravine. Other than that, the brewer's guild has some influence.


This settlement's housing type is rather simple: half-timber houses with woods sourced from the nearby forest, white-washed walls. It screams local human settlement.


The terrain surrounding the town are hills and plains, with access to fresh water from the nearby lake Aurespell.


With an average temperature of 19°C, this town has a warm climate which is overall stable during the seasons.


  • Bollstet
Inhabitant Demonym
Bollstetans (Bollsteter)
Owning Organization


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