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Karmandrian Jorbedus



Karmandrian is often very pragmatic. He doesn’t believe in waiting for others to do things, but instead prefers to rely on his own power to make things happen. Despite this, Karmandrian can also be very lackadaisical. He is often looking for easier ways to accomplish tasks and tries to get out of doing anything that he doesn’t really like or feels is meaningless. He often doesn’t look at the big picture or understand how small actions can affect major change.   However, he is quick to act when he feels that something is important. He doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into danger if the cause is valid and is especially quick to act if someone he cares about is in danger. When he believes something is right, no matter what it is, he will fight for it, even if others disagree with it.   Karmandrian is cunning and skilled. Having studied at the Fantasmal Governments mandant school, he has a solid grasp of mandamus and can be very creative when utilizing it, especially in time critical situations.  


Karmandrian was born in the small town of Migelton in Estern’s Parmes Mountains. Like most children who are revealed to be mandants, Karmandrian’s parents wanted great things for him and when reached the age of twelve, they sent him to the free mandant training school sponsored by the Fantasmal Government. There, he’d be able to learn to take full advantage of his mandant abilities and also have the opportunity to move into guardian training once he was done.   However, becoming a guardian wasn’t Karmandrian’s first choice. There were hundreds of opportunities available for a trained mandant and he was guaranteed to get almost any job he wanted. It was only after some prodding from both his family and his best friend Pathos, that he decided to apply, figuring if he didn’t like it, he could always drop out.   It was in guardian training that Karmandrian met the relentlessly cheerful and immensely talented Alice. He and Pathos ended up sharing lodging with her and Karmandrian was very attracted to her, though he never brought this up since it was clear she was already taken. Still, it was his friendship with Alice and Pathos that got him through the more difficult parts of guarding training.   Karmandrian always harbored doubts about the efficacy of the guardians and the Fantasmal Government in general leading him to question several traditions and rules. He felt that those blessed with power, especially the power of mandamus, should be doing more to help shape the world, but it didn’t seem like this was the case. He struggled with whether or not he wanted to be a permanent part of the system if it wasn’t particularly effective.   It was Sorinson, head of the Guardian Council, who saw potential in the young mandant trainee and encouraged him to stay the course, reminding him that he can be part of the solution if he feels that guardians could do more to help people. He saw within Karmandrian a deep desire to help the peoples of the world and knew that desire would help him grow to become a great guardian and perhaps even help change things for the better.   After being promoted to guardian, Karmandrian was first appointed to the northern Gibano Mountains, a post that he was not pleased with. He didn’t understand why he was sent to such a remote area, but Sorinson hoped that by helping the, often overlooked, people deep in the mountain towns, Karmandrian would find a sense of fulfillment.
Age 30
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 6’8” (1.73m)
Build Averge
Complexion Dark-Brown
Eyes Golden-Yellow
Hair Short, Black
Father Cecil Jorbedus
Mother Ophelia Jorbedus
Sister Karista Jorbedus
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Gaurdian
Guild Rank Warrior
Hometown Migelton
Fantasmal Government Guardian
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