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Exarch of Mystra / Lesser Deity


The Lady of the Mists, Leira

Controversal and enigmatic, goddess Leira, the Lady of the Mists is rarely praised in public, but only worshipped in secret. She is the goddess of illusions, lies and secrets, protector of those that wish to remain hidden. Her web of lies and distractions hide multiple truths from the day light, which often makes her seem like a malicious entity for many.

That said, for others, Leira is a shield against obressors, cloak that covers them from preying eyes. Or better yet, teacher that knows all the world's secrets and who might just reveal those for someone strong enough to guard them.

Divine Domains

Leira is quite multifaceted deity, worshipped for multiple sometimes even contrary purposes. For those venerating her as Exarch of Mystra consider her the patron deity of illusions and enchantment.

She is widely considered the deity of lies and deception, but also one who sends out rumours and hides secrets. She is deeply related to trickery, but to what end seems to purely be based on to the people who worship her and their reasonings. This oftne ends up on debate is she malicious entity, or a protector with her own type of moral compass.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Leira is triangle filled with spiralling mist. Her followers are also keen of using different type of masks to show their loyalty, which can be particularly tricky thing to spot for outsiders, as masks are connect to so many other deities as well as other matters.
Divine Classification
Lesser Goddess of Illusions & Deception / Exarch of Mystra
Chaotic neutral

DnD details

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About Divine Domains & Deity Alignments

By the classic rules of DnD, certain deities are connected to certain oaths, domains and alignments, and the paladins & clerics to said deity are suggested to have same or compatible features. However, when in Melyria, we tend to be a little more permissive.

Players, as well as NPCs, are able to have alignments and domains beyond the ones assigned to a certain deity, as long as there is an explanation to this that makes some sort of sense. Make an argument that sounds reasonable, and we ain't complaining in these parts!

For example, a deity with nature and life domains might bless their cleric with the Grave domain powers, if the cleric in question fights undead to prevent them from destroying life.

Credit where credit is due!

This article uses the lore from Forgotten Realms Wiki and video by Jorphdan as the starting point, and expands on those ideas and alters them to fit Melyria as a setting.


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