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Indriya-mandal is the capital city of Maya and the seat of the ruling Sabha-indriya, or Council of Five. The city itself sits on all five countries of the planet, as when the peace accords were being drafted it was decided a capital city must sit on all the countries and the very last change to the landscape was wrought by the Prani. (See Maya.)   Surrounding the capital city, which is on the continent, are five of the floating islands created by a blending of Visesa and Vayu abilities. On each of these floating islands are the homes and estates of the ambassadors of each respective group of elementals. Below the islands are portals, created by the Dyausajiva, that the representatives can use to travel between the islands and their home countries.   The city itself has been built up onto itself several times in the centuries since the peace accords were signed. The districts are tightly packed together, but the people are not. Before the Plague hit, Indriya-mandal was a bustling city filled to the brim of Prani. Now its population is much lessened, though it is still the biggest settlement -- save the deserts of Agniksetra -- on Maya.


Ajivavis (Ajivatown)

  Ajivavis, or Ajivatown, A-Town, is a district located in the the west side of the city, far away from the mostly-beaten paths. It is a hidden mini-city within the main one, with most residents only venturing outside their area for jobs they managed to get in the main part of the city. Ajivavis residences and buildings exist both above ground and below, in the viaduct that runs beneath Indriya-mandal.   Buildings in Ajivavis are in disrepair and ramshackle. Services and supplies are limited. Those living closer to the border of Ajivavis and the rest of Indriya-mandal have to deal with harassment from higher caste members of the city, who often find it amusing to pick on them. Police harassment is also not uncommon.   Ajivavis is populated by people who suffer from Ajivism. Most have been cast out from their families, and many cannot get jobs in the rest of society. Being so ostracized has caused residents of the district to band together, forming a very close-knit society. Where the rest of Indriya-mandal has failed them, Ajivans step up for each other.  

Secret Marriages

    Ajivavis has a particular custom, known as corikavivaha, that they keep well-hidden from the rest of the city. It is a secret marriage ceremony. Despite being forbidden from participating in the Nivesana, Ajivans are still feeling beings and they still fall in love with each other.   Many Ajivans have been joined together in secret marriages, and lived happily in Ajivavis. This has resulted in offspring a number of times. Ajivans learned early on they would not be allowed to keep such a blatant disregard for the rules they were infringing upon, and so a system was developed to safely smuggle Ajivan offspring out of the city to waiting families in the country.   Interestingly, many of these offspring end up not being Ajiva themselves, instead going on to live completely normal Prani lives.
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Indriya, The City, IM
Large city
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