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The Red Storm

Located in the Sea of Clouds, the Red Storm is an everlasting thunderstorm that wanders all over the skies. Its presence can be noticed from a large distance due to two telltale signs: the red clouds surrounding it, and the near-continuous lightning. Especially at night it makes for a gorgeous yet dangerous display.   Near the Red Storm, extremely strong winds will push Sky Ships towards it, making it dangerous to get close to. Once a ship ends up above the storm, it will be dragged down into the Sea of Clouds, never to return. In contrast, larger Sky Islands generally only sink about a dozen metres when the storm passes.   Knowing this, most Captains will either flee or moor when the Red Storm approaches. Only fragile Sky Islands are at risk of breaking and being partially swallowed. As such, as long as overmined islands are avoided, it can be safer to stay docked for a day or so, rather than trying to flee from the storm.   Despite being aware of the danger the Red Storm brings, there still have been Captains caught by surprise in the past. Especially when navigating a normal storm, it might be hard to notice the Red Storm approaching. There are many a cautionary tale about entire warfleets being caught and completely destroyed.   The constant lightning makes it hard to look at the Red Storm, but according to some, if you hover above the eye of the storm, it is possible to look down at The World Below. However, due to the treacherous winds, even those in the position to do so rarely dare to check.   If a ship ends up caught by the winds and finds itself incapable of escaping the Red Storm, one of their safest bets is to aim straight for the eye of the storm. If one manages to get through the walls of the storm, and has a way to maneuver and stay above the eye, they may be able to encounter a Sky Island eventually. Though it is more likely for the crew to starve to death than escape.
Sea of Clouds, no fixed path
Familiarity Level
Danger Level
Significant to ships, low to islands
Special Note
Immune to Wind Weaving

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I wonder where it comes from, if it is magical or natural. Either way it sounds both beautiful and terrifying.

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