The Fallen World

First the Eight Gods created the Sea of Clouds, and they sent down their Divine Winds to make it move. But soon they wanted more, they wanted live. And so the Eight Gods created the Disk, a land so vast that a single person would require an entire year just to walk from one edge to the other. Then they ordered their Divine Winds to seed the Disk with life, and they saw that it was good.   But it did not take long for life to tear itself apart in Warfare. And while the Eight Gods considered life and death a part of the wind, this did not apply to the Warfare that Humanity introduced. So they ordered their Divine Winds to punish Humanity in Wicked Storms. Yet even that did not stop Humanity, who kept killing each other in brutal massacres.   It was then that the Eight Gods decided life was a mistake. They took their Divine Winds, then smashed them into the Disk. And so the lands tore apart, sending nearly all of it into the Sea of Clouds. But on what little remained after this, Humanity finally begged for Mercy. And so the Eight Gods granted Mercy, sparing those that remained, on a far smaller Disk and solitary Sky Islands.   Yet over time Humanity forgot Mercy and sought out Warfare again. They ventured forth from their Sky Islands, choosing to fight each other and spread their bloodshed. The Divine Winds remembered the rage of the Eight Gods, and so they tore down fleets and land, to remind Humanity of the rage. And we must listen, and once more beg for Mercy, or the Eight Gods shall refuse to grant it a second time.
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