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"In all the lands of gods created, none are such as fair Learbof."~The Last Summer of Learbof, Verse I
Learbof is a frozen island chain to the east of Kedizlim and is said to be the ancient homeland of the Domi people, the ancestors of the modern Demians. The islands are said to have been frozen by the gods as punishment for the initial refusal of the Domi to invade southern Kedizlim, what would become The Crown lands of Demia.


Learbof is an island chain dominated by the islands of Unvap and GuÄse. The islands are in a state of perpetual winter and it is often easy to walk from one island to another. The islands themselves boast a range of elevations with small mountain ranges and prairies being present on both major islands.

Fauna & Flora

Despite the harsh temperatures the island is not entirely devoid of life. Mt. Knil is a semi-active volcano and a number of small plants grow on the edge of its crater where it is warm enough to live. In addition, a number of birds migrate to the island during its warmer months to fish.

Natural Resources

The descolate nature of the island makes it difficult to get an accurate idea of what it offers in terms of natural resources. It is known that no trees are able to survive on the islands but it is unknown what sort of ore or other minerals are present though due to it being the ancient homeland of the Domi people it is reasonable to assume that sizable deposits of iron and other metals would be present due to the Domi being regarded as skilled smiths and using iron weapons throughout much of their history.

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