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A mysterious "living" metal


Material Characteristics

Uncut Dumaan looks like a rough mossy stone, while in it's refined form it resembles something of an opaque emerald.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Dumaan is a unique metalloid that miraculously grows over time. Lacking strength and hardness it makes for a terrible structural material, while showing promise when applied to the field of computing.

Geology & Geography

Dumaan can be found in multiple places across the surface of Mars, but is most abundant near Valles Marineris.

History & Usage


Dumaan is a product of some ancient derelict structure deep within the crust of Mars. This ancient structure contained trace amounts of Dumaan somewhere among it's components, over millennia this material grew upwards through the crust forming vein networks.


The early martian colonists discovered this material shortly after contact was lost with Earth. It wasn't until the events of project Catalyst that they understood the extent of Dumaan's abnormal properties.

Everyday use

Dumaan has been widely incorporated into Martian culture, both for its utility and aesthetic value. Dumaan is used to channel and amplify psionic potential, although it's also very common to see Martian accessories adorned with artistically carved pieces of Dumaan.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Dumaan is an important part of the Trial of Induction, the Martian coming-of-age ceremony that activates their individual psionic abilities.


The mineral is concentrated through a process of bio-magnification, where a fungus is used to refine Dumaan and increase its bio-availability. In other words, the fungus processes the mineral so it's potent and digestible.
Uncut Dumaan
  Uncut Dumaan pictured above is the most common form of this mineral found on Mars. Rarely does one stumble upon large deposits of this material in nature. The locations that do contain large deposits of semi-refined Dumaan are generally held as holy sights within the Martian culture.
This mineral is odorless unless put through a chemical reaction, like burning.
Despite the chalky texture this mineral is tasteless.
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