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Latin words combining litera which means wisdom and chrono meaning time.

Inside the drawer was a strange small blue box and a what looked like a hilt. Aran grabbed the box and placed it in his bag to sell later and held up the hilt.
Litercrons are rare books that only the Jagerio can open. After The Purge they became harder to find and those that are found belong to the Emperor.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The small boxes that Literacrons usually are can be opened by using Telekinesis and Telepathy can be used to search the Literacrons stored knowledge. The knowledge is displayed as a Hologram over the box.


Literacrons are used by the Jagerio to store various types of wisdom from using Psionic Gifts, material skills, to diplomacy. These special books will have holo recordings from past Masters, maps, holos or art, and other such things. They are used to hold all kinds of knowledge and can only be opened by using Telekinesis. For the Jagerio these boxes holding their history and knowledge is strongly associated with their culure.
Item type
Book / Document
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Rare to common people but commonly used among the Jagerio.
5 g (0.18 oz)
Usually a 3 in cube
Base Price
1,000 Imperial Credits
Raw materials & Components
Literacrons are created with crystals and metal that fashion the outside of the box. The crystals that are used are a color coding system with blue ones being finished and unable to be updated and green ones being able to update themselves such as the Literacron of the Marked.   Inside of the Literacrons are the means for Hologram projection and other data storage.


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