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Moon Town

Nestled in a valley between peaks of the Thirty year mountain range resting between the east of The Giovan Dunes (Country) and the west of The Ashlands (Region): a boom town has sprung up to support the industy growing from Ronald Moon's Lugolite Ore mine. The streets are paved with an alchemical quick tar provided by the Tridoch Corporation and many of the buildings are made from stone cut out of the surrounding mountains.   There are a number of different saloons and bars offering food and drink from both the Giovan Dunes and the Ashlands due to their proximity. Lodgings for miners and the foundry workers are provided in hastily constructed inns and tents. There are no real farms to speak of due to a lack of viable soil, so all foodstuffs and supplies tend to be brought in from outside. The Lugolite Ore produced and refined here goes for a premium due to its wide array of uses in both alchemy and manufacturing.   Experts have been brought in from Tauk Savaruk (Country)s Highhall Dwarves as well as Giovanese Apothecarys to better facilitate processing of this ore into a more pure and refined state for export. Ronald Moon has a large house in the center of town with many guards posted to prevent those without appointments from bothering him. He is a reasonable fellow but his latest surge of success has gone to his head a bit: greasing of palms may be necessary for those seeking him out.   The 'law' in his town is mostly enforced by Ronalds Guards who are indicated by the Moon-shaped badges they wear on their cloaks.

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