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Highhall Dwarves

Deep beneath the Highhall Mountains in Tauk Savaruk (Country), dwell the ancient race of the Highhall dwarves. They once dwelled both on the surface as well as beneath the mountains but ever since the insurrection of the Orc Slave revolts they remain secured in their mountain fastness.   The metalwork of these hardy folk was of exceptional quality, and even though it has been some time since the trade routes which once flowed from Tauk Savuruk to all the other regions of Omnusat Island, the pieces which are still in circulation are treasured for their high quality and craftsmanship. Well taken care of, these weapons and armour pieces can last many generations for a shorter-lived species like the humans which are common in most regions. Their research into combinations of existing ore as well as delving ever deeper into the stone of the Highhall mountains and occasionally abroad in search of new veins of interesting metals.   The Orc and Dwarf talks of peace have allowed for these trade routes to begin again, although since the The Death of Magic they are now restricted to overland routes since Tauk Savuruk lacks a major sea port. Heavily armed orc parties escort these Dwarf traders beyond the borders of Tauk Savuruk in exchange for a very heavy percentage of the profiits. The residual negative feelings on both sides of the wars remain long after the fighting had officially stopped.   In addition to finely crafted metallurgical goods like weapons, armor, jewelry, and other trinkets the dwarves have access to large deposits of valuable gemstones which they offer both cut and uncut. Their mechanical offerings are also of value, but the dwarves are not exactly forthcoming with their ancient (and more modern) inventions secrets for anything less than a fair price.   Stoneworks crafted by Highhall artisans are a sign of wealth and power, and until very recently only the truly wealthy could afford to hire the rare Highhall dwarf who was allowed to wander the surface. For a ruler new to power: few things would be an indicator of their wealth than a palace with columns and statues in the traditional Highhall style.

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