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Dual Dueling

Dual Dueling is a guidebook that teaches various forms of lighter weapon fighting. Studying it can grant knowledge of fighting styles and feats of skill.  


This thick tome was written in the earlier years of the Age of Enlightenment by Galleyus Terrafim, a wood elf swordsmaster who gathered all of his knowledge into this book to aide those of weaker stature to be able to defend themselves. The book covers several fighting styles and techniques for weapons that only require one hand, be it a single weapon or one in each hand. Each style is covered in great detail, complete with diagrams of footwork and stances. Extensive study of the book can make the inexperienced capable of holding their own.  

Mechanical Application

A player may pick one of the sections of the book to study. They must spend 100 hours of combined reading and practice to gain the benefit. Only one player can use the book at a time to signify dedicated study. The player may study other styles in the book, taking the combined 100 hours practice and study each time.
  • Dueling Fighting Style
  • Two-Weapon Fighting Style
  • Dual Wielder Feat
  • Defensive Duelist Feat
Galleyus Terrafim   Written
483 AE   Genre
Training Manual   Copy Locations
Elven libraries, bookshops and archives   Known Readers
Sivak Praetora B'lanna
Sivak Sutra'ber


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