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Declaration of War: Sivak Clan to Frostbane

By unanimous vote, the Council of Elders have agreed with the decision of Praetora B'lanna to declare war upon the Junta of Frostbane.   Warlord Quintessence has failed to deliver a satisfactory response to several offenses against the Sivak Clan. These transgressions include, but are not limited to;
  • The invasion of the kresh by General Arseny Vadima.
  • General Vadima conspiring with a member of the Unseelie Court to steal our unhatched children.
  • The tainting of the stolen egg and cruel experimentation upon the child when born.
  • Manipulating an abducted member of our clan into committing war crimes against the Maracia Trade Alliance and the Duskmen of the Evertwilight.
  • The use of the forbidden Draconic Ascent ritual and creating Draconians through it.
  In response to these allegations, Warlord Quintessence has shown no remorse or care, stating that she wanted her official statement to be 'Not my fucking problem' as she claims General Vadima was not acting under her orders.   Through the efforts of Sivak Captain Gol'rotta, we have the evidence to prove these crimes as true. Her actions have brought closure to families and revealed the very real threat that Frostbane has become, not just to us, but to the whole world.   We do not march alone. The other metallic clans have had these same acts of malice committed against them and their severity and the heinous lack of empathy has gathered the chromatic and gem clans to our cause as well. For the first time since the days of our ancient ancestors, the dragonborn of Malgrave march as one. The Junta of Frostbane does not know the enemy they have made. May the Gods have mercy on their souls, for we will have none.


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