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Kingdomanian nobility

The rich rulers of kingdomania. And what purposes they serve. This also includes the kings court and the several lordships.


As the motto suggests the Kingdomanian nobility are "Those who lead" The nobility includes the Blood royalty, mages, rich folk, and lords. In fact, all except the rich folk are in the royal court. The major general of the Cerulean army also has special standing in the court.They make up 25% of the population and rule 100% of it. The following includes each position over time each position may or may not have an article linked to it so watch out for that in the near future:


Blood royalty

AKA crown bloods. This is the royal family of kingdomania and the supreme rulers of the realm. They grand land to lordships, collect taxes, and create the laws of the land. The positions are inheriited through birth or marraige. For more see Prince of kingdomania , King of Kingdomania.

Lord, Barron, Duke

The highest title anyone can receive without being blood royalty or magic. Of course most lordships are passed down through families. The King has the right to give and take away a lordship if the rules are broken. There are 7-9 lordships in Kingdomania. A lordship includes a large piece of land that the lord can run as he pleases. Lordships usually involve farmlands and small villages (of course large lordships like Magic town lack farmland but specializes in trade and craft) Being a lord requires you to:
  • Pay taxes to the king
  • Provide protection and living for the peasants
  • Tax peasants
  • Manage and follow the laws of the land
If they fal they can have their lordship taken away from them.


Mages are a complicated group. They start off as a Magic Apprentice and move their way up in the world. It's possible to be a lord and a mage at the exact same time See: Magic town. There are multiple categories and positions for a mage but the most revered position is the Great wizard. The Great wizard are members of the kings court.

Rich folk

They are not in the kings court but they do play an important role. They are merchants, foreign diplomats, and craftsmen. Most of them own thier own businesses and homes.

Major general and knights

The leaders and fighters of the Cerulean army. The major general has a place in the court but other knights don't. Knights may become lords or even own their own pieces of land.


Land, money, power, people

Demography and Population

1% Blood royalty, 10% mages, 4% Lords, 10% Rich folk. The Aristocrats make up 25% of the kingdomanian population. the other 75% are peasants.


Crown Snake


Cerulean army

Foreign Relations

See: Kingdom of kingdomania

Those who lead

Government, Leadership
Krown town
Alternative Names
Kings court
Rich people
Dumpling King
Head of State
Dumpling King
Head of Government
Dumpling King
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
King of Kingdomania
Judicial Body
Lord, Barron, Duke
Parent Organization
Kingdom of kingdomania
Crown Snake
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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