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Kingdom of kingdomania

Details about the kingdom of kingdomania.


  1. Blood royalty- Led by King of Kingdomania
  1. High mages and Lords

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  1. The rich and landowning peasants
  1. Peasants
  1. Criminals

Public Agenda

To protect the people of the great land and ensure justice!- King of old
To feed everyone and ensure happiness throughout all the realms.- Dumpling king


Technological Level

Late medieval period


Kingdomainians are mostly agnostic. Religion isn't a big deal for them. Those who come from other places sill practice their beliefs but there is no one big religion and its barely enforced. The only signs of religion that remain in Kingdomania are ruins of ancient temples. Some have been re-purposed into forts or castles for lords.

Agriculture & Industry

Kingdomania is the worlds leading source for food and agriculture. 60% of the common (peasant) population are farmers and ranchers while the other 15% are hunters, fishermen or servicefolk. Lords wealth depends on how much food their domain can produce. And most of the land is farmland.

Long may we reign!


  • Map of Crown Snake Isles
Founding Date
SOL 300
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Krown town
Alternative Names
The kingdom
Dumpling King
Head of State
Dumpling King
Head of Government
Dumpling King
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Krown is the official coin. Its one gold and bronze coin with a crown printed on it. (the crown is similar to the one on the kingdoms flag). Peasants can barter with each other but Krowns have to be in use in official places of businesses.
Major Exports
Meat, eggs, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, grains, wood
Major Imports
Exports of food to places like Dessarti and Tundra has given Kingdomania an economic advantage. They recieve luxury goods and spices from Dessarti
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Dessarti is known to be the trading epitome of the world. Kingdomania has increased thier influence in the worlds economy through the union of Prince and the daughter of Xol Athmul the prime leader of Oasis
They recieve Gemstones, weapons, Furs and building materials from Tundra. And they receive silk, parchment, industry equipment, and magical items from Tnoa.
Legislative Body
King of Kingdomania
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Related Items
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Non-aggression pact

The burning war damaged relations between Fae and humans. Especially kingdomania. Humans still trust Fairy's for some reason.

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