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Queen of Kingdomania

The Queen of Kingdomania is the most important role for a woman to fill in the kingdom. Queens are the wives of kings and they help their husband fulfill his duties and produces an heir for them. Most of the time the Queen handles external politics and alliances with her home country.


The queen of kingdomania lacks official qualifications. Most queens are daughters of foreign princes/dignitaries who hold some external political power. The records dictate that:

A queen is an affluent woman who must be the mother of a future king or prince.
So the qualifications are pretty loose.




Her husbands duties are her duties and more:

  • Appointing and listening to advisers
  • manage strategy and alliance with the Cerulean army
  • Making trade agreements
  • Managing taxes and other goods collected from lords
  • managing relationships between lords and ladies
  • organizing public events such as: festavals or balls


The richest and most powerful woman in Kingdomana. Her children are garunteed to have power when they grow up so she will be a proud mom!

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unless shes Dumpling Queen

Accoutrements & Equipment

Her crown

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death. Or being usurped. Divorce doesn't exist in this culture.

Cultural Significance

Despite their impact on the kingdom (and the world) Queens lack the popularity their husbands and sons have. However, the queen has a large effect on the country's fashion trends.

Notable Holders

  • Queen of old
  • Dumpling Queen

Still in effect
Equates to
King basically, they share the same amount of power
Source of Authority
Her husband
Length of Term
First Holder
Queen of Old
Current Holders
Past Holders
Reports directly to
King of Kingdomania
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