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King of Kingdomania

The kingdoms name is KINGdomania so of course there's gonna be a king. This is the ruler of Kingdomania!

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who has only had 4 dynasties before they collapsed


Have to be a Prince of kingdomania who ascended to the throne due to their fathers incapacitated state or death. The heir is usually the oldest born son of the reigning king. Only on one occasion did a ruler become king by force and this was done by the King of old


Each king ascended due to special circumstances.

  • King of oldOverthrew the The councilate in the war and ascended to the throne
  • Dumpling king took over the kingdom from his mother after he came of age
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Prince takes over after his dad dies of poor health


The duties of the king varies from king to king because some take their job more seriously than others. With that being said, there are certain powers a king holds to keep the rest of his domain in check.

  • Appointing and listening to advisers
  • manage strategy and alliance with the Cerulean army
  • Making trade agreements
  • Writing laws and putting together foreign and domestic policy
  • Managing taxes and other goods collected from lords

If the wrong idiot is on the throne the whole kingdom will fall apart


The most richest and powerful man in Kingdomania, they could do what they want!

Accoutrements & Equipment

Every king has his own crown which he wears during special occasions or when he holds court. They also have a throne which each king has added a decoration or adornment to over time. Other then those two things, the king usually dresses like any wealthy noble, or knight.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death. Or have the crown usurped.

Cultural Significance

Kingdomanians LOVE thier kings. Its sort of wierd really. They even write poetry and tales to praise their kings. See: Hail the King of old- Poem Kingdomanians also have Kings day! where they celebrate their rulers.

Notable Holders

Dumpling king

Nobility, Hereditary
Still in effect
King of old
Alternative Naming
The king
Equates to

/*Once I get other countries up and running link over thier positions. So,Tzar/emporer in Heronia/Tundra, Religious head in church of the flame The white emporer in Tnaoa and The Ahmul in Dessarti*/

Source of Authority
Length of Term
First Holder
King of Old
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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