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Cafeteria of Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts

Sat, Dec 11th 2021 02:36
The cafeteria of the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts is a place where you can meet a lot of interesting people. There are magic-users of every variety. Pyromancers, hyrdromancers, alchemists and much more. Sit down, grab a drink and talk with them!
Meet Ania Kot
Meet Aleksander Kowalski
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Ask the Author

Fri, Dec 10th 2021 08:51
Here you can ask me any questions about the world of Magic Earth
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Lore and Stories

Fri, Dec 10th 2021 08:52

Magic Weekly headlines

Fri, Dec 10th 2021 08:56
Here you can add your ideas for headlines published in Tygodnik Magiczny (Magic Weekly). If I like it I may even make it canon. For more details about the newspaper check out its article: