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Magic User ID card

Magic User ID card is a document given to every magic user who register in the Mage Registry.


The ID card serves as a confirmation of being registered in the Mage Registry. When a person claims to be registered or being registered is required in a certain place, they are obliged to show the ID card. Places where the card is required include magic academies, magical departments of law enforcement agencies and magical departments of the armed forces.

Document Structure


The ID card has a strict structure. On the left side are written the name and surname of the person and magic disciplines he practices. The right side is a photo and an emblem of the Police Department which gave the ID.
On the reverse is the card number and the country and date of issue.

Legal status

The ID card is regonised all over the world, but can't be used instead of the regular ID. In places where the Magic User ID card is required people can be asked for their regular ID to confirm their identity. It is caused by the fact that Magic User ID cards are only provided by the country, but the Mage Registry to which they are connected is administrated and owned by the United Nations. it is required to confirm if a person was eligible to get a card from the contry they got it.

Historical Details


The Magic User ID card was introduced in 1970 together with the Magical Security Act and the Mage Registry. First cards contained only the personal information of a magic user. As time passed more information were added to it. Today it contains also the information about practiced diciplines of magic.  


Right after the introduction of the registry and ID cards the magic-users' community was protesting. They believed that government want to control them and limit their freedom. The biggest protest took place in London and New York. The New York protests are (in)famous for the presence of blood mages who were angry about the blood magic ban.


Magic User ID card is given for an indefinite period of time.
Identification, Civil (Passport/ID Card)


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