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The Lighting Gesture


At the turn of the era (around 0 - 50 ce) people started using the lighting gesture as a sign of great disrespect and condemnation. It was a priest of Mayim who first used the gesture while giving a passionate sermon to his church. He explained that the gesture was a way of encouraging Mayim's attention on someone. The priest was so done with how disobedient his church had become that he was wishing Mayim would take care of them all. Since then the lighting gesture has remained an insult and is used all across the Federal Republic. Effectively saying that Mayim is looking at you or that the person wishes Mayim would pay attention to you. The throwing of lighting at someone is seen as placing a target on their back. People do this when annoyed or upset with another person. The High Church has stated that doing this guesser does increase the likelihood of Mayim paying attention to both the person preforming the guesser and the one it is directed to. While the gesture was first used by a member of the clergy now a days the church greatly disapproves. Using this gesture around any members of the clergy or directing it at someone of strong faith is a quick way to get in trouble with the church. This generally means demerits being entered into the Book of Records and the offending person having to give an extra sacrifice or go to confession. The lighting gesture is commonly used amongst children, however, adults will also use the gesture if angered enough. The lighting gesture is not really used or understood in other parts of the world except the Duke's Dust and Free Gnomish City.


A person brings one of their hands to eye level and then mimics throwing something on the ground. This is normally accompanied by an angry or disgusted facial expressions and some verbal insults.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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