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Civilization and Culture


The elves are tribal and wise. They originate from the Fey coming to Lumenos as the High Elves. After centuries the High Elves would separate into two tribes the Wood and Snow Elves, both adapting better to their homes.    The Wood Elves call the planes and forest of Spire their home. Any land between the Uratin mountains and the Saratin mountains is the land of the nomadic Wood Elf tribes (the Tremad tribes). The eastern Tremad tribes have domesticated large dinosaurs that hold their tribes and cities, whereas, the western Tremad tribes build their cities in large trees. Both groups are nomadic, however. The eastern tribes moving their whole cities upon mounts and the western tribes migrating between cities every session or so.   The Snow Elves live above the Uratin Mountains. They live within igloos and houses of ice. Many of the tribes here are nomadic, however, some have to settled in place and build frozen cites. The Snow Elves rarely fight among themselves but greatly dislike and distrust outsiders, especially the Wood Elves. The ice houses of the Snow Elves can be seen all across the north, many abandoned as the fish and other wildlife deplete.    Many centuries ago the Wood Elves tried mimicking the Snow Elves and settling in place. The Wood Elf tribe of Kaslean stopped and settled next to the Uratin Mountains. It didn't take long for the city to grow greedy and find Drizlash the Nine Eyed Corruptor. Driszlash corrupted and tortured many members of Kaslean until they were unrecognizable. This was the birth of the Night Elves and their underground civilization.   Years after the corruption of Kaslean the Night Elves, said to have been under Drizlash's orders, attacked the city of Lannlune. The attack was savage and unprovoked. Men and children were dragged down into the underdark never to be seen again. The lucky were killed within the city. The Spirt Seekers of the city called out to the ancestors and spires for help and one finally answered. The Night Elves that were within the city were suddenly struck with another curse. Still forced to hide from the sun they now grew scales and forked tongues, and their blood ran cold. The Serpent Elves were born and forced to flee the cold or sleep forever.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

300 years
Average Height
6 - 7 feet
Average Weight
100 - 150 lbs.
Geographic Distribution


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