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Eamon Infusion

Growing Eamon

Eamon flowers are lapis blue and grow on a bush. The Eamon bush is generally grown in the Goldenfields of the Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake. The Eamon bush requires large amounts of light and water with high mineral concentrations, like that of the Ydon River. The Eamon bush can be grown year round but most farms of the Goldenfields will grow Eamon during the winter since it does not care about temperature. Since the leaves of the bush are the only useful part of it farmers that grow Eamon just in the winter will clear the whole bush of leaves, however, those who grow only Eamon will simply take sections of the leaves each season.

Infusing Eamon

To make Eamon drinkable infusers will ground up Eamon flowers until they are a fine powder. The finer the powder the better the drink will look and taste. This Eamon powder is placed into a kettle of boiling water where the powder will slowly start to dissolve. The boiling water is then left for four hours, stirring it every half hour. Once the four hours have passed the kettle should have a lapis colored liquid inside it. This is Eamon Infusion.

Drinking Eamon Infusion

When someone orders Eamon it is brought in the kettle with drinking rods. Drinking rods are ceramic, metal, or glass rods. They are generally six inches (or 15 cm) long, about half an inch (or 1cm) tall, and three quarters of an inch (or 2 cm) wide. The top of a drinking rod will have a depression running the length of the rod, about a quarter of an inch (or half a cm) at the deepest. The bottom of the drinking rod will be flat as to rest on the table. When someone is ready to drink they will pour the Eamon Infusion into the drinking rod and allow it to cool. Once the Eamon is no longer boiling hot the person can bring the drinking rod to their mouth and slowly suck the Eamon off of the drinking rod.

Eamon Infusion Effects

Drinking Eamon is one of the calmest and relaxing experiences in the Federal Republic. Eamon Infusion is a depressive agent meaning that when consumed it slows a person's body down. After drinking a rod of it a person will start to feel the tension in their body relax and their mind slows down. A person's heart rate will slow down as will their reaction times. This effect will cause people to forget most things that they were thinking prior to drinking Eamon, however, the drink does cause random memories and feelings to emerge. Depending on the person these memories can be happy, sad, or even erotic. That said, with most consumers, these memories are simple childhood memories of playing and laughing. This effect generally lasts for two to three hours before wearing off. Due to how Eamon is grown it is currently one of the healthiest drinks available, giving most of the minerals one needs for the whole day.

Social Significance

Eamon has become a major part of daily life for the people of the Federal Republic. Depending on the person some people will wake up a few hours early and have a rod of Eamon and others will wait until they get done with their day to have one. Regardless of when someone has an Eamon, they do it with one or two others, generally close friends or family. Light conversation is had while they undergo the effects. This is one way of consuming Eamon. The upper class has created Eamon Houses where the drinking of Eamon Infusion has become even more ritualistic. The upper class will go to an Eamon House daily, some people will go more than once a day. It is a common place for important meetings, negations, and parties. Depending on the occasion the group will get business out of the way while the Eamon Infusion is being prepared. Largely Eamon Houses have become a social statement and being seen at one is critical for one's social mobility.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Base Price
5 sp per rod
Raw materials & Components
Water Cooking Fire Eamon Leaves
Mortar and Pestle Cooking Fire

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