The Sixth Guard

In a time when tradions were just mere habits, and our cities were villages, the nights became filled with foul creatures that assailed even the most secure roads, that crawled from the calmest water and descended from the most pleasant winds.   No matter if poor beggar or noble lord, the beasts would slaughter everyone that had the horrible fate to encounter them. Wagons were overturned, hulls shredded in the open sea indeep water and holes were punched and clawed through roofs and ceilings.   And as men and women of all afflicted races cowered in fear, the night filled with the screams of those that did not escape. Until silence fell. In a single night it seemed every single one of the creatures had been slain. The fields and forests were littered with broken bodies and some were washed up on the beaches with their flesh boiled off their bones.   It had taken a single night to kill thousands but where we found bodies of sea and air, we found no beasts of the land.   But the attacks ceased, and we rebuild and grew freed from the horrors.


A hoard of beasts hunts and kills Humans, Draculs and Nabouri with them bearly able to defend themselves. When the beasts begin to attack more often and more severly, within a single night two third of the beasts is killed whilst the last third disapears.

Historische Grundlage

The Race of the Amatus decides to go against the orders of the gods that called them to protect weak humans at night as they saw themselves the superior hunters and figthers. In an attempt to take the humans place they beginn to hunt them down with attacks growing in size.


The story of these hunts are known in most lands in the west of Calidori to varying degrees. The Draculs have detailed reports and drawings whilst the Nabouri have stories told on how to some darkness tried to infiltrate the forest. The Humans, be it Kingsmen or Chandry have both only vague legends with the latter haven some archeological hints.

Varianten & Abwandlungen

The Draculs and Nabouri both worked to change the perception the Humans had of the events, convincing them that or rather lying to them until the version of the Humans was more fiction than truth. They themselves are still aware who saved them and what exactly attacked them.

Kulturelle Wahrnehmung

Again, the Version of the Nabouri and Draculs served them to realize that the Gods commands werent absoluts, but also that they couldnt act too much out of their given area before punishment would follow. The Draculs utilized the corpses they either took from their own kills or the massacer of the gods to learn new way to use their own Magic whilst the Forrests of the Nabouri were changed in their organization to be better prepared for such an invasion.   The Humans lost most of what they learned, but some think their habit of building massive walls around their cities comes from the distand memory of what happened.
Datum der ersten Erwähnung
Datum der Ereignisse
This occured around -387


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Atena Luna
27 Aug, 2018 00:58

This is very interesting. I like at the beginning you write as if someone is narrating. I do have some questions: 1) Why did the Draculs and Nabouri decided to change the perception of the Humans of the event? 2)What would happen if humans found the truth of the myth? Is it very important to keep the secrets? 3) What would have humans gained from the event if their perception hadn't changed?
Great article ^^!

2 Sep, 2018 18:44

Yes the Draculs and Nabouri activly worked to hide the truth from the humans. They did this in order to avoid the failure of one of the "Guard" species to fall back on the others. If one failed why wouldnt the others? So it was a mixture of image keeping and avoidance of humans loosing trust in the gods. probably what would have happened if it were revealed to them that the horrific beast were deliberately made that way by the gods and that it took them so long to correct their mistake. If the gods made a mistake, how could you trust them?   At this point its not *that* important anymore to keep the secret but if it would probably still cause an uproar. Tho the Gods have by now solidified their social positions besides being gods. Two of them are the culural equivalent over some civilizations.