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Lukomorye Timeline

These are the key events since the Creation as recorded by chroniclers of the True Confession

  • Circa 6800 - 6900 years before present

    Creation of the World

    God brings the world into being

  • Circa 4000 - 5000 years before present

    Tai's Flood
    Geological / environmental event

    A flood wipes out most of the antediluvian races. Human descendants of Tai repopulate the world, setting humanity on route to becoming the dominant species.

  • Circa 2000 - 2500 years before present

    Founding of Kivite Tsardom

    The Kivite people - God's chosen - establish a Tsardom in the Land of Giyon

  • Circa 2000 - 2500 years before present

    Founding of Friaziny Tsardom

    The Friaziny establish their empire, prophesied to be the world's greatest, and last.

  • Circa 1300 - 1400 years before present

    Life of Gaal
    Life, Supernatural

    Gaal the Redeemer abides in human form in the Land of Giyon

  • Between 700 and 850 years before present

    Migration of Golden Labdy to Nor'
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Golden Labdy settle in the forest lands that are to become known as the Land of Nor'

  • Circa 500 years before present

    Coming of the Alferovichi Princes

    The founders of the Alferovichi dynasty come to Nor' from the lands of the Rovers

  • Circa 350 years before present

    Conversion of the Noriki
    Religious event

    Prince Bogumil initiates the conversion of the Noriki to the True Confession

  • Circa 100 - 120 years before present

    Kochmak Invasion
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Kochmaki subjugate Nor', and force its people to pay tribute to their Khan