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Yaqub's Serpent Wife

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

If this serpent has a name, it is unknown. She is a serpent, roughly 15 feet in length, with two avian legs, grey coloration (but gold-colored extremities), wings, and a long tail.   She arrived after the party's entry into Yaqub's lair from parts unknown, and bellowed furiously, but did not follow them in. Initially, she was thought to be Yaqub himself, but it was later revealed by Nuri that she was the 'serpent-wife', and apparently, lacked the ability to change into human form. Nuri denied that she was his mother, or the mother of any of Yaqub's other half-letun descendants. It was never confirmed, but she may have been the mother of the serpentlings that the party slaughtered on its way into the lair.   The serpent wife was furious after her arrival, but then settled down to guard one of the secret shafts from the lower part of the lair. Given the pattern of her fury, and her lack of anything resembling a strategy, the party concluded that she was probably of low intelligence. She was beheld directly only once, by Yuri, when he ascended the rungs in the shaft, and beheld her from behind.   However, shortly after Yaqub's death, she took flight toward the city of Udyn. Fearful that she might burn the city, as was prophesied by Princess Botagöz, Yuri and Agapia tried to provoke her into coming back to fight them, but she either did not hear them, or ignored their provocations.   She was last seen flying south toward Udyn.   She appears in Chapters 20 and 21.

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