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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Nuri is a half-human son of Yaqub, and brother (or half-brother) of Hakim, Zbigniev, and probably many others. He was apparently in charge of the female captives in Yaqub's later, as is attested by the fact that he bore several keys on his person. There are five younger boys, roughly 10 years of age, who were Nuri's underlings in some capacity, and lived in cells near his own. Some or all of them were also probably sired by Yaqub.   Nuri was discovered by Yuri herding the captives into the common room. When he was initially confronted by the party, Nuri chose to back down and cooperate. He gave the party important information, including the identification of the serpent guarding the exits from the lair (Yaqub's 'serpent wife'), the fact that she could not enter the lair, the identity of himself, Hakim and others as Yaqub's sons, and the enchantment of the women in the lair to identify with their captor.   When presented with the opportunity, Nuri proved to be more than ready to fight. When the party brought him into the bath to make him drink the water (which he said had enchanted the women), Nuri used the attack of the bathhouse attendant as a signal to fireball the party, which nearly killed everyone. He was subsequently subdued, bound, and placed in one of the rooms of the chief concubines.   Based on his statements, Nuri believes himself to be uniquely favored among Yaqub's children (certainly more than his deceased brother, Hakim). He is similar in appearance to the latter. Peculiarly, he does not exude a masculine smell.   He remains within the lair.   He appears in Chapters 20 and 21.
Current Location
Yaqub's Lair

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