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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Nastia is Grandfather Frost's granddaughter, who resides in the Realm of Winter. She serves as the Realm's greeter, and appears soon after guests who wander into it find themselves on the wrong side of its ice wall. She leads them into the mansion of ice, feeds them, and makes sure they settle in for a comfortable night in the guest towers. She leaves most of the serious talk to Grandfather, who generally appears after the guests have all arrived.   Nastia is in charge of all the other servitors in the mansion, including the ice men, who silently attend on both hosts and guests alike, as well as two giant white wolves, who act as guards, as well as the hosts' eyes and ears.   Nastia's nature is not clear. It is not even certain if she is directly related to Grandfather Frost, or whether she calls him 'Grandfather' as an honorific. She appears as a young woman of 16, with long braids, and dressed in expensive furs. She generally behaves politely and demurely, and has not revealed herself to be anything other than what she appears, but she certainly radiates great magical power.   She has not been seen since the Yokels stayed in her Realm.

Current Location
Realm of Winter

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