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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

The Kuz’ have lived in the forests of Nor’ since before the Noriki arrived. They are extraordinary hunters, and taught the Nor’ much about the ways of the forest as the latter expanded their domains to the north and east. Many of their leaders have a particular propensity for sorcery, and they often give cover to adherents of the Old Faith who are pushed out of Nor’ towns and villages. Some whisper that a few of these sorcerers traffic with Baba Yaga herself. Though many Kuz' have mixed with the Noriki, but others still live in proximity of the ancient non-human creatures - chudy and volots - that still haunt the far north.   The Kuz'are of small-to-medium height and build, with a wide range of skin tone from light to dark. Both men and women are distinguished by colorful clothing. Those living in the far north, near the banks of the Northern Sea are reindeer herders.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Eltukka, Evetpi, Iltever, Mineslu, Narspi, Pairuk, Selempi, Sverkke, Taimas, Yarkhune

Masculine names

Abakht, Chonkorchuk, Iltier, Savantei, Setner, Sikhun, Tiutiulka, Vasnar, Yarkai, Yevlei

Family names

Kuz' tend not to have family names (or to have adopted the family names of their neighbors, e.g. the Noriki)

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