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Grandfather Frost

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Grandfather Frost is Lord of Winter, and, according to Sasha, he may be the same being as the old heathen god Stribog, the Lord of Storms, and onetime ruler of the universe. Grandfather appears as an imposing sorcerer, dressed in shiny blue robes, with a horned headdress, and carrying a white staff. When outside his Realm, he seems to take the form of an old hermit, who nevertheless registers as a highly magical being.   Aside from the way he sweeps in when he first appears in his regal form, Grandfather Frost has given little indication of his true power. He does appear to control the Realm of Winter, though the true extent and nature of the realm is hard to gauge. He claims to have one granddaughter - Nastia, and several servitors, including several silent icemen, and two huge white wolves. He also seems to be able to make his realm appear and disappear at will, in the Visible World.   On his telling, Grandfather Frost was drawn to the Visible World by the recent presence of Baba Yaga, whom he considers and equal, but whom he does not trust. When he pressed the Yokels about their dealings with her, and the recent discovery of a scroll summoning Koshchei, he demanded to be apprised of her plans. He also rejected their explanation for translating the scroll into numerous languages in order to reveal the people who are disseminating the scroll, and suggested instead that the translations were a way to prepare for Koshchei's coming. In effect, he said that the Crone was in league with the Dread Lord, though he does not surmise the reasons for this alliance. As the price for releasing the Yokels from his Winter Realm, he demanded they keep him informed of her plans as they travel to the Realm of Shadow. To seal the agreement, he made each of the party members swear on something they held dear. If they violate their agreement, that thing becomes property of Grandfather Frost. Plamen swore on the ghost of his mother, Plamenka. Chonkorchuk swore on his fefila. Vasilisa swears on the grave of her dead husband. Sasha attempts to swear on her father (whom she actually despises), but Grandfather does not accept, as her father is a Gaalite priest, over whom he has no power. He does accept when she swore on her beauty. Drazhan was at a loss, but ultimately, on Plamen's suggestion, swears on his future first-born, which someone indicates should be Katarina.   After sealing their agreement, Grandfather threw a feast for the Yokels, and then sent them off to bed. When they awoke, the Realm had disappeared. Grandfather has not been seen or heard from since.

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