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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Created by the smith Svarog to abide in the Heavenly Garden, fefilas now burrow under fields and meadows. They resemble a golden-furred marmot or large chipmunk, with long, sharp ears, golden eyes, and a vaguely human face. Fefilas can curl themselves up into a ball, and roll down the road, leading their masters in the desired direction.   Fefilas are the most human of familiar spirits, even through they do not talk, and can only communicate telepathically, or through a series of whistles. They are very devoted creatures, always looking to be of help, trying to ward off danger, and worrying whether their masters are traveling along the right path.   They are typically nervous little creatures, attaching themselves firmly to their masters with their tiny claws, and digging them in at any sign of danger. Given their sensitivity and invisibility, they serve as good spies. Their burrowing power allows them to access hidden and out of the way places. They are also compassionate, and can find magical curative berries in all but the coldest and most barren of environments.   The hermit Chonkorchuk was granted a fefila because of his loyal service to Baba Yaga. The creature has served him well and faithfully, although it has gotten itself into trouble, and been dispelled on several occasions.

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