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Dogheads' Commander

This is the commander of the dogheaded servitors in Yaqub's employ. He is the best trained and best-armed of all of the dogheads encountered in Yaqub's lair. He uses a sabre in battle, and wears lamellar armor and a small shield.   The commander was in charge of (at least) five other dogheads. Like them, he trained in the training area with a humanoid statue, and lived in a dorm room filled with straw and food scraps nearby (though his room was the only one that was locked). He seems to communicate with them in their own language, which consists of barks, yaps, and howls. However, he also speaks a rudimentary form of the Rakhman tongue.   The commander seemed fairly impervious to being threatened, and appears to be unafraid to die. He was convinced that the adventurers who broke into Yaqub's lair face certain death at the hands of his master. He was also unimpressed when the body of one of his underlings was savaged. He also claims to know nothing about how to access the part of the lair where prisoners are kept.   The commander is currently held prisoner in Yaqub's lair. He appears in Chapter 18.

Current Location
Yaqub's Lair
Scraggly, black
six and a half feet

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