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Boris the Boar

Boris is a talking boar. He was discovered in the woods outside Yarozersk by Lumír Sládek, and soon became his constant companion, often sleeping with him in the sheds and barns where he stayed.   Boris is aware of his friend's occasional carelessness, and spends a bit of time worrying about him, and making sure he stays out of trouble. The fact that he cannot follow his companion everywhere he goes (for instance, into deep shafts in the woods) is a source of endless consternation for him. Like Lumir, Boris has a certain weakness for food, which sometimes distracts him from his mission.   Aside from the fact that he can carry on an intelligent conversation, Boris appears as a normal wild boar. He has a grey, bristly coat, and weighs just over 200 pounds. Sasha, however, asserts that he is an embodied spirit of some sort.   He is currently just outside Yarozersk.

205 lbs.

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